Success Story

Putting Them on the Map

In 2004, Titan Solutions began a partnership with a growing insurance firm. In three short years, the team identified a need for a Web-enabled application to better serve clients and insurance agents in the field. “Their initial pain was expanding their offering to compete with bigger markets, using fax and phone,” Titan CEO Austin Heath explains. “This company was established in 1859 and focused on providing farmers and rural area clients auto and home insurance. The technology challenges were extremely difficult as the competition utilized more cutting edge technology to service their customers.”

THE SOLUTION: After identifying the challenge, which involved integrating new century solutions to a traditional business model, Titan met with the firm’s technical team and discussed strategies to help make it more advanced and efficient. Outdated phone and fax equipment was expertly replaced with Internet and mobile advancements for field agents.

“Now this company is advertising in all major cities across the state of Texas and will be branching in to additional states to broaden their exposure,” Titan’s Heath says. “These services put them back on the map and will continue to foster growth using the most advanced solutions available... Today, it’s the largest farm mutual insurance company operating in Texas. That’s the power of applying the right solutions and service. That’s what Titan can do.”