Beware of Shelfware

Most, if not all, of our clients have challenges implementing new solutions with their current systems. A need was recognized, a prebuilt software application was procured to offer a solution, and it was purchased. But was it implemented and customized to fit your needs? Are you getting a maximized return on your investment? Has the initial problem truly been solved?

Unfortunately, most software manufacturer representatives are not incentivized on services, so the solution rarely has a good ending. Once the software representative closes the deal, their job is complete, leaving you to actually make it work. Companies are buying upgrades and renewing software that never truly becomes reality. Ramping up and cross training internal staff to implement these products can be a challenge, causing delays and confusion. In most cases, our client’s technology staff is more than capable to learn new skills, but with the amount of time it takes to cross-train, they are hard pressed to pull existing resources to learn new technologies on their own. You can engage original manufacturer consultants to help bridge the gap, but this is often less than ideal and usually very costly. Exorbitant costs, combined with less real world practical experience with customization, maintenance, development and administration can lead to poor perception, value, and results on even the best IT project and team. This is why companies are buying from the original manufacturer to deliver the solution through the architecture phase then building their internal staff using our Gap Fulfillment Program (GFP) to deliver the final solution.

Since 1998, IT departments nationwide have relied on Titan to provide them with the resources that wrote the book on technology; the true subject matter experts. Customers are taking advantage of this service to save 30-40% on their implementation approach utilizing our GFP. This service allows companies to utilize their internal staff with the added power of expert consultants at staffing rates.

Sweet Spot

impressive. precise.

We are very impressed with the candidates that Titan sends to us. It makes a HUGE difference when resumes are precisely what you want. Tim Tarnowski Germania Insurance