Austin Heath, President of Titan Solutions Group, originally founded Titan to build a trusted consulting practice focused on custom development, systems integration, and product deployment to help customers achieve their IT goals. In 1998, Titan Solutions opened its doors to a challenging economy and has proven successful without sacrificing any guiding principles.

Our Core Nature

From 1998 to 2001, Titan Solutions was recognized as the Lotus software specialist, building enterprise applications & infrastructure, and solving customer IT pain across the country. Mr. Heath and his team of software developers were instrumental in creating a highly customizable point-of-sale & home sales automation (HSA) solution for the home-building industry. HSA was recognized as one of the best solutions on the market because of its ability to function in a disconnected environment. Remote sales offices could capture customer information, configure homes with all the necessary options, and generate all contractual documentation without the need for dedicated network connectivity.

This revolutionary concept was soon embraced by D.R. Horton, Inc., one of the largest home builders in the nation. D.R. Horton quickly deployed HSA throughout 50 divisions Nationwide. After years of success with the product, Titan sold the intellectual property rights to D.R. Horton and continued providing its consulting services to many other industries.

Filling the Gaps

Our customers recognized Titan’s vast technical expertise and regularly asked for help in identifying and retaining talent for their own projects. We saw this as a tremendous opportunity to leverage our expertise to help guide our customers to the best technical resources available. In addition, providing this service would help us locate talent to become part of the Titan team.

In 2001, Titan Solutions launched a new business entity named Titan Professional Services. Bill Huggins, President, and Richard Gibbons, VP of Operations, each having years of experience in the IT staffing industry, were brought in to build a business to support the gap fulfillment needs of our customers and our own needs to find the best talent for our consulting engagements.

With the breadth of our consulting and gap fulfillment services, Titan appeared on the radar of other service organizations. Titan implemented a partner services program that brings together our consulting and gap fulfillment teams to support the consulting engagements of our partners. Today we have an entire team dedicated to supporting the technical resource needs for our business partners’ engagements.

We partnered with IBM, one of the largest companies in the world, to support their ever growing need to procure the best talent for their customer engagements.

Coming Together

In 2005, Titan Solutions and Titan Professional Services merged as Titan Solutions Group, Inc. to offer a complete range of services. The strategy was to consolidate both companies to offer software and hardware consulting, as well as IT Gap Services with best in class customer care. That same year, Titan's software development division created an enterprise job scheduling product (SMARTScheduler) to make the homebuilding industry more efficient. The product was such a hit that we also sold its intellectual property to one of America’s largest builders.

Growth and Expansion

In 2007, Titan opened a full service office in Dallas, Texas and invested in building its headquarters in Cedar Park, Texas (just north of Austin). Titan added a new product line to its portfolio, offering Tivoli Storage Software to clients in the US and Latin America.

Today, we support many customers across an array of industries, from boutique to Fortune 100. Our extensive partnership with IBM keeps us on the cutting edge of technology which helps us continue to provide outstanding value to others.

With over one hundred team members and over a decade in the making, Titan Solutions has achieved a reputation as a trusted and successful IT solutions company bringing tremendous value and results to its clients and partners.

Skills, Experience…

Titan Solutions Group has the skills, experience, and insight needed to consistently make our critical projects a success. Dan Kellogg AMD

Success Story Case Study

Our work in Enterprise Architecture, Application Development, System Integration, Storage Solutions and Disaster Recovery has made it possible for companies like Capital One, AMD, IBM and others to meet and exceed ambitious ROI goals.

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